Innovative and Natural Chemical Detection
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At Transpiro we recognise the far reaching application of such an elegant and natural technique of detecting chemicals in the land and the importance of such a feature in the contribution of developing efficient, effective and conscious practices to a range of industries. So far we have identified the following industries which will benefit from our service:

  • Property Development: Preliminary screening tool providing chemical activity which will streamline initial land preparation prior to building
  • ‘Organic Farmer: Providing detection of harmful chemicals in your environment while using a non-invasive sampling method
  • Government/Local Council: Environmentally conscious, cost-saving technique of sampling and reporting chemical detection for the public good
  • Large Industry: Assisting in quality control, management practices and enhance resource awareness
  • Home Owner: Provide peace of mind that you’re land is safe from contamination
  • Environmental Consultancies: Contamination and chemical detection for your clients by identifying concentration hotspots

Transpiro’s innovation can be used anywhere there is:

  • an understanding of a chemical/s in the land required;
  • there is vegetation present with a root zone within that chemical interphase; and
  • the vegetation can express the chemical targeted through transpiration

For example, in the mining industry, our service can be used through all phases from exploration to remediation. In comparison to current sampling methodologies, Transpiro can, if required, deploy a greater number of sample sites in a short time frame.

In the agricultural sector, our service can be used to examine fertiliser, irrigation and nutrient use which can assist in precision management of production and quality control of produce.

MINING – all phases of Operations

Transpiro created as a natural alternative in sub-soil chemical detection. We provide an innovative and cost saving technique of detecting chemicals for all phases of operations. The technique can also generate a more refined data representation through intensive sampling of vegetation and offers a broader range of detection as it uses the plant's entire root zone.

EXPLORATION - Concealed Mineralisation

See through the cover and increase resolution for more focused drilling regime. See through the cover and increase the resolution, not just scratching the surface. Technique will boost initial preparations by providing a Low Impact, Non Invasive, Geochemical Exploration Tool. Potential to determine elements shallow to deep, with penetration into the stratigraphy, using a natural system. Minimal access and egress restrictions with negligible impact on the land.

MONITORING – Environmental Health

Preliminary or ongoing data collected representing both the chemical and ecological status relating to the impact of operations. REMEDIATION, CLOSURE, REHABILITATION by continual monitoring of sub-soil and ecological impacts beyond the life of an operation, using the one efficient technique. CONTAMINANT MANAGEMENT with capacity to detect trends, we can assist in identifying the point source of a chemical contaminant RAPID RESPONSE –Controlled Risk Mitigation streamlined emergency operations, quickly employed to contribute to a rapid controlled response whilst minimising the exposure to hazardous materials, quarantine processes and working with combatant authority.

AGRICULTURE – multiple segments

A plant based innovation in chemical detection; it was natural that the benefits of our service will be applied to agriculture. We identify trends in sub-soil inorganic trace elements that can assist in a range of food production systems.

ORGANIC In alignment with the values of organic farming, but can also contribute to the understanding of fundamental plant requirements to identify efficient and natural management practices ORCHARDS promoting greater awareness of food quality control including trace element and micro-nutrient dynamics IRRIGATED identifies an understanding of plant water balances can contribute to increased efficiencies and awareness of water losses through transpiration can give greater control to the water inputs required. CROP/ PASTURE ability to maintain healthy affordable yields

“Our future looks great with an approach to international establishment of our technique across a wide variety of industries and institutions. No job is too big or too small. From an urban gardener to a global enterprise, we are more than happy to contribute our service to you, as our passion is to enable and contribute to a gentler way of being in this world."

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