Innovative and Natural Chemical Detection
PO Box 190, Palmyra WA 6957

What is it?

A natural innovation in chemical detection. Our patented products and services collect transpiration to explore monitor and detect chemical activity in your managed lands. Trees talk to us!

Why should I use?

Non Invasive, Time and cost effective. Leave nothing but footprints!
From capture to presentation what's the typical turn around period? Typically a full project is 3 weeks till completion. If Raw Data is only required by our client it is 1 week.

What products do I get?

Raw Data, GIS Mapping, Interactive mapping, Field Reports, DIY Kits (when produced)

Is Transpiro for you?

By means of enquiry and counsel we can determine
best course of action for you and your business. We will insist on an on-site evaluation inclusive of
our off site evaluations on larger programs. Scientific methodologies in field and in our registered
laboratories provide a variety of data reporting tools to give you a product or solution delivery.

Research and Development

‘Proof Of Concept’ trials were initiated to detect a range of chemicals from mining and agricultural activities. Most target chemicals were detected. The suite of chemicals detected using the innovation will continue to expand. Correlations to soil and groundwater to will continue to develop with industry and government collaboration the innovation can be used.

Anywhere there is:
1. an understanding of a chemical/s in the land required and
2. there is vegetation present with a root zone within that chemical interphase and
3. the vegetation can express the chemical targeted through transpiration

The service will be taken to the market by direct contact to clients and through promotion to clients indirectly with service agents such as environmental consultancies, agronomists, land developers and government agencies.

In order to achieve the full potential of this technique and its application, Transpiro will employ continual Research and Development of the concept. This will include further research into understanding and exploring plant dynamics and expanding our knowledge on how we can work with industries and environments across the globe.

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