Innovative and Natural Chemical Detection
PO Box 190, Palmyra WA 6957

How We Started

Transpiro was born from an opportunity to develop an alternative chemical detection methodology using plants, while in a remote, mining site. The methodology was used to complement current methods using aquatic animals, as another validation process. The results were ground-breaking, with no harm come to any plant or animal life. Since this opportunity, Transpiro has been fine tuning the transpiration process, bringing an innovative and caring method of chemical detection to the environmental science industry.

Our Business Goals

Goal 1: To provide innovative techniques of detecting harmful chemicals in the environment while causing minimal impact on the earth and it’s resources Goal 2: To provide a non-invasive, cost effective and natural chemical detection service to integrate within the wider business community

 The Transpiro Team

Our team comprises of qualified environmental scientists, botanists, GIS/Mapping experts, biostatisticians and industry experts. Our team has worked in a variety of industries such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, horticulture, within their professional appointments. While a young company we are big on experience, knowledge and passion, committed to safeguarding our environment. Our motto: To leave a legacy in the world to benefit future generations creating balance with science and nature. Underpins our desire, to search and create innovative products and services which serves our wider business community and impacts change.

Patented Technology

Transpiro currently holds PCT/AU2017/050476 for this natural innovation. Our new solution in chemical detection to identify chemical hotspots has only now been discovered for a suite of chemicals, including heavy metals and inorganic elements.

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