Innovative and Natural Chemical Detection
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To leave a legacy in the world to benefit future generations creating balance with science and nature.

Are you concerned about what harmful chemicals could be in your environment? Or, you have realised there could be leftover chemical residue from old drill lines, pipes and steel? Perhaps you are considering growing organic plants but wary of the possible risk to your family, friends or business?

If this is you, and you are looking for a safe and effective process which doesn’t require digging up your land, or heavy excavation, Transpiro delivers.

Realising that most chemical detection sampling techniques cost tens of thousands of dollars, require the use of heavy machinery or are just as harmful to the environment, Transpiro delivers an innovative, non-invasive and cost effective natural solution. Using the water transpiring from leaves to detect chemicals, our methodology simply, saves our clients time, equipment and personnel costs.

Because of our Transpiration Process, we can deploy sampling at all phases of operation to explore, monitor and detect chemical hotspots. In this way, Transpiro can identify solutions to avoid, reduce and control the environmental and social impacts of your projects.

And depending on the level of plant or vegetation, Transpiro can conduct a larger number of samples, than current sampling techniques, in a shorter period of time, providing a more refined understanding of your ecological footprint. With better quality results our clients can utilise their resources more efficiently, deploying as and when necessary.

How Can You Benefit?

From the first trial to the most recent, Transpiro realised we had created more than just another sampling technique. Our Transpiration process not only is non-invasive and cost effective, but more importantly provides results quickly and efficiently so you, can identify the best solutions.

Transpiro wants to not only meet your needs, we want to exceed your motivations simply, environmentally friendly. Here are some of the other benefits you can gain from Transpiro.

Technical Benefits

  • Non-invasive process compared to drilling operations
  • No noise or visual pollution
  • Ability to sample more sites than current techniques
  • Can sample in most weather conditions
  • Minimal transport or quarantine limitations
  • Limits human interaction and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals

Financial Benefits

  • Potential for less drilling exploration costs
  • More data collected by more sampling sites
  • Greater identification of chemical hotspots
  • Potential for increased yields by detecting chemical excesses/deficiencies in crops
  • More cost effective than current sampling techniques

Economic Benefits

  • Financial savings for the corporation
  • Reduced time wastes through sampling tests
  • Effective deployment of operational resources
  • Real-Time results provided from sampling
  • Clarity for crop yields and growth

Environmental Benefits

  • Greater understanding of natural landscapes, environments and ecosystems
  • Non-invasive, non-mechanical sampling technique
  • Public Health and Safety development capabilities
  • Efficiency for food quality and quantity control of agricultural sectors
  • Pollution / Contaminant response and management capacity

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